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CardSpace content is from 2009.

NOTE: CardSpace is now obsolete!!!

Here are quick links to the webcasts describing various CardSpace scenarios for WPF applications:
  • End-User Managed Card Experience
    • This webcast gives you a brief and comparative look at the end-user experience with Windows CardSpace V1 and CardSpace "Geneva" (the next release of Windows CardSpace) when you employ managed cards to authenticate users to your WPF client applications.
    • Download the WMV
  • Working with Managed Cards
    • This webcast illustrates how to leverage managed cards for user authentication to a WPF client application, explaining relevant code and configuration for the WCF service, the STS, and the client.
    • Download the WMV
  • What's in a Managed Card?
    • This webcast talks about the contents of a managed card, how each section relates to the token issuange process, and how to create managed cards using Geneva Framework (Windows Identity Foundation).
    • Download the WMV
  • Sample Code
    • Sample code for the webcasts can be downloaded here:
    • There is a sample for generating managed cards that hit different STS endpoints depending if they are username or certificate backed cards.
    • There is a rich sample with a custom STS, WCF services, and a WPF client application configured to use managed cards issued by the STS. You must follow setup instructions carefully to get your certificates properly installed and IIS setup correctly.

  • Check out the Geneva Team Blog to keep up on all things Windows Identity Foundation (Geneva Framework), ADFS (Geneva Server) and CardSpace Geneva (Windows CardSpace V2).
  • Vittorio Bertocci's Blog is a must read as well, he's just excellent at describing, well, everything he discusses which is a lot about identity and Windows Identity Foundation.

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